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Making every day better for a billion people

Transparency, responsibility, and reliability are manifested in the wellbeing of businesses, municipalities, states, and people through working life, leadership, and digitalization.

Digital services and communications create opportunities for responsible and profitable business while increasing equality and empowerment.

Users controlling their own personal data helps build a confidential environment where organizations cooperate and provide services on an individual’s own terms.

Discover what we do and prepare to be amazed – millions can turn into billions by making responsibility and wellbeing Finland’s number one export.

A pioneer in building trust between businesses since 2010

Reliable Partner
service includes
transparent businesses
Valtti card has improved
the working conditions for
Reliable Partner service
has been retrieved for approx
individual reports annually
The digital system has
replaced the equivalent of
A4 pages of
signed documents
SignSpace provides easy access, streamlines communications for housing companies, personnel management, and commerce.
Responsible operations should always be transparent and easy to verify. The reporting work required by the Contractor's Liability Act has been streamlined down from 45 minutes to 2 minutes.
Valtti card is a personal ID in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, with a database used by over 50 different systems.
Reliable Partner is proof of a company’s relationship with the society. Legal compliance is in order, and required insurances and contracts are in place.

From shadow economy to wellbeing through responsible conduct

Explore society’s structures and industries that could make life safer and more fair for a billion people and see how our Group moves the world forward.

Fair contracts and occupational safety bring complete wellbeing

Legal employment produces tax revenue that goes to developing society and financing its services, fair labour standards guarantee livelihood, and occupational safety improves wellbeing for all workers and their loved ones.

Time saved in reporting usually means less overtime and more time with family and other interests. Predictive occupational health care leads to reduced sick days and improved livelihood.

Legislation-driven development of digital systems and the resulting cooperation and trust between parties improves wellbeing on many fronts.

Proven technology and competition for better and more accessible services help build a better and more equal society.
Valtti cards in use in Finland
The Valtti card employs a digital database used by over 50 different systems.

Valtti card. Not to control. But to verify

In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, every person working at a building site is required to carry an ID card with a facial photograph, name, tax number, and employer details.

The Valtti card is a multipurpose ID that also serves as an access pass and proof of professional competences. Any orientations completed can also be verified directly with the Valtti card.

Launched in 2013, the Valtti card helps secure fair and safe building sites for both workers and industry employers.

Accountability is high demand in the
transport industry

In the transport industry, shadow economy carries across borders, taking away level playing field from honest companies and reducing traffic safety.

Cargo content and weight, rest periods, fleet maintenance, and driver’s hours are controlled.

And transport industry operators are more likely to fall in with illegal trade when transparency is lacking.
Employed in logistics and transport in Finland
Globally, majority of the transport industry workforce is undeclared or illegal labour.

Bringing the
restaurant business out of the shadows

A large market for undeclared work, the restaurant business is highly regulated in Finland, with requirements such as certificates of professional competence. And yet there is no single, dedicated digital system.

Internationally, illegal employment, underpayment, and unclear contracts are widespread in the industry. In some respects, this is also true for Finland.

Responsible conduct in the service industries would also enable fair use of acutely needed foreign labour.
Employed in the restaurant business in Finland
Size of the industry
The impact on wellbeing in Finland of the industry’s shadow economy
This expense would cover a year of daycare for 40,000 children.
Reliable Partner
service users
Reliable Partner
reports generated over
This saves time required for research
806,250 working days per year.

Reliable Partner is responsible

Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out obligates the contractor to determine whether the contracting partner fulfils their legal obligations.

The service collects the data required by the legislation on behalf of your company, compiles it into a Reliable Partner report, and always keeps it up to date.

The Reliable Partner service builds trust while reducing unnecessary paperwork and saving time and money.
The Building Site Register includes 26,000 active companies that have submitted over

Building Site Register collects and provides information efficiently

Operators in the sector provide their monthly reporting to Finnish Tax Administration with the Building Site Register. The reports include contract prices and actual invoicing.

Building Site Register helps manage disclosure of information obligations in the construction sector. It’s also a shared repository and archive for the building site.

With the Building Site Key, all companies operating at the building site can store business, contract, and employee information in the service. The Building Site Key makes data collection, reporting, and archiving easier and faster.

Legal compliance and supervision must be easy to accomplish and manage, so that it serves businesses, other actors, and society at large.
Construction sector and authorities begin developing cooperation
New legislation for social identity, tax number, identifiers
The digital Valtti card system combines identifiers

Contractor’s Liability Act combats shadow economy

Shadow economy causes an estimated losses of 60 million euros in loss of tax revenue for the city of Helsinki.

This equals the cost of providing vocational education
for over 1,700 youths.

Activities in accordance with the Contractor’s Liability Act and funds secured for procurement are used to develop our living environment, fix public services, and ensure that society’s structures and procurements function in a responsible way.

The city of Helsinki procures over a billion euros worth of products and services per year, and the multiplier effects are designed to improve the wellbeing for all citizens.

The change brought about by responsible conduct and reliable systems has had a profound impact on the construction industry in just 10 years.
Organizations can cooperate and make sales faster and easier anytime, anywhere.
While signing tenders, contracts, and forms already takes place online, it requires a proven system widely trusted by users.

Digital services enable operations across borders and provide equal opportunities for sales, administration, and leveraging competence.

As of today, the digital system has processed the equivalent of
3,750,000 A4 pages of signed documents.
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Your data, in your hands, in the right places makes for better services.
When you accept terms and conditions for a web app, you are asked for your consent to improve user experience. What if this was true for all commonly used services?

If you don’t have control over your data, it can’t be used to improve your services. Instead, your data only creates monetary value for those who control it.

Everyone has the right to control their personal data, use it freely, and make it available to others.

The MyData concept was developed in Finland to promote ethical use of personal data that respects the rights of the individual.
Every minute in the world is downloaded
new data-collecting applications
Health and wellbeing
Your know-how and work experience generates data that could be directly available for the job market if you so choose. Your competences could be freely available on the market any time you want, with no need to describe them in job applications.
Education, courses, postgraduate studies, certificates of competence – all in one databank where you choose which data to share and make available to others. This also allows targeting competence in demand.
All your data can be easily shared with various parties, no forms or POAs required. Select who you want to deal with and make your data available to them in a single location.
Tracking your data can be very useful. It can improve security for you and your family and even bring financial gain, since it allows you to be involved in identifying your needs rather than letting machines target ads for you.
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Platform of Trust
Use harmonized data from any environment or system, in any interface or application.
Responsibility and sustainability are an outcome of optimizing operations, reducing material and energy loss, ensuring security, and using knowledge-based management.

This is truly possible only when data from various systems and organizations can be brought together and utilized to make better decisions, develop smarter end user applications, and make good use of AI solutions.

Platform of Trust is the solution for bringing all this data together. It harmonizes various types of data and makes it easy to use for the purpose of developing people-first business and smart cities.

Thanks to its built-in trust features, organizations and businesses can easily work together with each party knowing the who, how, and where of data use.
“Compared to conventional methods, Platform of Trust offers a 75% faster and 66% cheaper way to integrate data sources.”
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the global

The size of the shadow economy at
Latvian building sites

Bringing responsibility for Baltic region’s mobile workforce

The Reliable Partner service already includes
1,400 Estonian
14 Polish
43 Lithuanian
16 Latvian
92 Swedish
companies that employ 58,000 employees in 145 different nationalities.
The value of illegal business in the EU
The share of undeclared or illegal labour in Europe

Resources for Europe-wide wellbeing

Level playing field for all

We can address shortcomings in the construction sector, logistics, and service industries everywhere in the world.

For this purpose, it’s essential to have a proven digital system that cultivates trust, enables legal compliance, streamlines administration, and creates equality and transparency.
Globally, 50% of the working age population is undeclared or illegal labour.

Factoring in the dependency ratio of children and elderly compared to the working age population, implementing digital trust, legal compliance, and fair labour standards in just a few emerging markets has a direct impact on
the wellbeing of a billion people.
Vastuu Group’s trust-building web services are used every year by

Help us share knowledge about the importance of responsible labour

Finnish technology combined with Nordic way of life and European values have the capacity to change the world and make wellbeing available for all.
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Visit Vastuu Group, Platform of Trust, SignSpace and MyDataShare home pages for news, detailed customer cases, and contact information.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint for building a sustainable future for all. They address several global challenges related to poverty, equality, climate, environment, wellbeing, peace, justice, and more. These goals are interconnected. To ensure that no one gets left behind, it’s important that we achieve all these goals by 2030.
See how our work advances these goals
We create opportunities for fair data economy on a wide scale with many cooperation and partner networks, and by bringing together various actors to solve global challenges together with us. This is a way to increase understanding of complex phenomenas and actively help develop solutions.
We support actors in public, private, and civic sectors by creating responsible and transparent structures through fair data economy. Our solutions give actors in society opportunities to compete on a level playing field with fair rules and within the societal framework.
We offer smart solutions that help cities optimize their operations in energy use, logistics, and people-first service provision. Together with our partner network, we enable comprehensive development towards responsible, sustainable cities. Our dream of a better everyday life guides us to create vibrant communities where people are at the active center with respect for nature.
We offer solutions and create structures that help increase transparency, enable fair working conditions and improve the balance between employers and employees. Unobstructed movement of reliable data between parties enables new kind of economic growth and revival based on real information.
We provide services that help verify worker competence and manage personal education data. We solve job matching issues in the real estate and construction sector with a lifelong learning ecosystem. Our solutions supporting good education include Reliable Worker, MyData, and Taito Competence Register.